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Caught In The Act – Scene 2: Adam Russo & Conner Habib

Raging Stallion

When the bride’s brother is too sexy, a lot of things could change. Especially if the groom is Adam Russo, who cannot conceal his attraction to Conner Habib. A wedding will be ruined in the second episode of “Caught In The Act” by TitanMen. Adam is not the right husband and Conner will try to stop this wedding at any cost. Efforts are redundant because they have long known themselves too well.

When Adam Russo tells Conner Habib that he has decided to get married, Conner is really shocked. After all these years, Conner turns out to be ignored. He can make peace with anything but not the fact that Adam’s fiancee is his sister. Conner’s got the perfect plan, and it’s going to happen shortly before Adam’s wedding. 1 hour before the wedding, Conner seduces Adam with his ultimate sex offer, but Adam’s fiancee catches them in the act. A creepy ending or the beginning of something new? Only Adam and Connor can continue this story.

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