Tim Kruger & Axxl Mart Tag-Team Darkson

Tim Kruger & Axxl Mart Tag-Team Darkson

As Tim Kruger and Axxl Mart approach Darkson with their intimidating lengths of over 20 inches, Darkson braces himself for what’s to come. With ruthless force, they begin by face fucking him before moving onto the main event. Tim thrusts his cock hard into Darkson’s eager hole, drilling deep and mercilessly as waves of pleasure course through the bottom’s body. He is then replaced by Axxl, who equally masters rough pounding with precision and strength.

Finally, with his ass relaxed and open from the relentless thrusting, Darkson is ready for the ultimate challenge. Tim slides his cock back into his hole while Axxl joins in almost immediately. The two tops pound Darkson’s hole fiercely and powerfully as he experiences an intense double anal orgasm. Exhausted but satisfied, Darkson is rewarded with a thick load in his mouth, giving him the energy and strength to continue pushing his boundaries in future sessions.

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