Leandro HairyDomXL Pounds Ricky Hard

Leandro HairyDomXL Pounds Ricky Hard

The latest installment from Tim Tales has arrived and it’s sizzling hot, both literally and figuratively. HairyDomXL and Ricky Hard are paired up for the first time, and they fit together like butter and a knife – perfectly made for each other. When a dominant top meets a powerful bottom, the result is always explosive.

Before filming begins, Ricky Hard confesses that he can’t wait to be with HairyDomXL, who is his ideal type of man. With his beard and hair, HairyDomXL embodies everything Ricky desires in a man, and he makes sure to demand being fucked in a way that will allow him to enjoy all of HairyDomXL’s body hair.

As the session kicks off, Ricky eagerly takes HairyDomXL’s 9-inch cock into his mouth, eliciting moans of pleasure from the hairy stud. Once the oral part is done, it’s finally time for what Ricky has been waiting for.

HairyDomXL lies down on the floor as Ricky straddles his cock and rides it with pure ecstasy in his eyes before giving control over to HairyDomXL, who switches between missionary and doggy style. As their pleasure reaches its peak, Ricky explodes on himself while HairyDomXL finishes inside his open mouth.

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