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Outta The Park! – Scene 1: Ricky Larkin, Sharok & Wade Wolfgar

Raging Stallion

Time for Baseball! The bates were replaced by huge bareback cocks in the first episode of “Outta The Park” with Ricky Larkin, Sharok & Wade Wolfgar. Let’s face it, it’s a genius idea. Which of us has not fantasized about these muscular men waving bats, dressed in tight sports outfits, outlining every detail of their bodies? Muscles, hairy athletes and huge members. It’s all about sports in “Outta The Park!”

The guys from Raging Stallion go far away, showing us what happens after a baseball game in the team’s locker rooms. This is a real fantasy, after which you will never watch baseball as before. Even before the game begins, you will be imagining what happens after the end. Ricky Larkin, Sharok & Wade Wolfgar play the roles of real baseball players who unleash themselves away from the eyes of the fans.

Ricky is the happiest man in this bareback epic. He has the honor of fucking two of the most popular actors these days – Sharok and Wade. And he does it right, on the edge of fetish, on the edge of rudeness and with all the superpowers he possesses. From rimming to fucking, Ricky is more than good in this scene. Of course, without Sharok and Wade, this scene would not be so masculine. In short, these baseball players are literally driving us crazy with their powerful libido.

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