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Silver Steele Fucks Grayson Lange

Muscle Bear Porn

Silver Steele is a hot daddy that should be part of every boy’s spank bank! Strong, hairy chested, and proudly muscled with a dick that will rearrange your insides and leave a smile on your face!
Grayson is thrilled to be paired with Silver. His hands roam all over our hairy daddy’s chest and torso, flicking Silver’s hot nipples every-so-often along the way! Silver is hot for this twink, ripping his shirt off and going to town on his hot smooth nipples. There seems to be a direct line between Grayson’s nipples and Silver’s dickā€“the built daddy’s hard cock gets harder with every satisfied moan that escapes Grayson’s lips!

When Grayson goes down on Silver’s monster dick, it becomes the DILF’s turn to pant and moan! He grabs Grayson’s head, forcing him down even farther onto Silver’s Steele’s massive member! Silver is happy to swab the back of Grayson’s throat and Grayson loves having the manly bouquet of sweat and crotch right there in his face! Silver spins Grayson around and face-dives deep into his crack. He alternates his tonguing between deep probes and gentle surface flicks. He’s sending Grayson sky-high with the sexy sensations! Grayson’s learning quickly the benefits of playing with an experienced daddy! Silver spits into Grayson’s hot hole while he rims, getting it super-slobbery and ready for an intense penetration!

Silver’s cock is rock hard and ready to fuck! He slams that bad boy home with Grayson letting out a moan that’s part yelp and part joy! The boy’s peach is never going to be the same after Silver opens him up and leaves him stretched out and filled.

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