Muscle Soldier Johnny B Gets Barebacked By Alex James

Muscle Soldier Johnny B Gets Barebacked By Alex James

Johnny B and Alex James are two horny soldiers who go crazy. The two men service their raw guns in the perfect ass breeding scene by Active Duty.

They do not even try to conceal their mutual attraction. These two soldiers leave the battlefield and go directly to the bed. Johnny starts by grabbing Alex’s massive boner. Johnny can’t believe – this soldier has extremely big cock.. what a luck! He takes the cock inside his eager mouth and begins to work with his tongue around the head of that hard dick. He’s able to take every inch of that member down his throat. Johnny wraps his lips around the member and his hands stroke the base of that hard monster.

Alex James becomes even harder so he asks Johnny B if he’s ready to ride the veiny penis. Johnny slowly lowers his ass over the member as very soon the whole boner is deep inside him. Alex can feel how his meat grows, massaged by Johnny’s warm anus. Johnny rides Alex a little longer before Alex bends him over and proceeds fucking from behind. He pushes his dick even deeper into the soldier.

For the final part Alex James begins plowing that hole as his balls slap up the ass. Then, Alex flips Johnny onto his back in order to fuck him balls deep. He proceeds good bareback thrusting, touching Johnny’s g-spot by his penis. Johnny is moaning with pleasure, but he can’t hold back. He spits his creamy load all over the room. Alex is next. He pulls his bareback member out and unloads his balls all over Johnny’s muscled chest.


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