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The Foreman’s Son – Scene 1: Arad Winwin & Dakota Payne

Raging Stallion

Arad Winwin plays the role of the foreman’s son in the eponymous movie by Hot House Entertainment. In episode 1, Dakota is happy to bottom for Arad. The story begins after the father of Arad sent him to one of his houses, along with his colleague Dakota. They both have to paint the house, but the mutual attraction between them is too strong. Apparently, these two won’t be able to resist temptation.

Dakota Payne shows to Arad Winwin that he has an interest in getting to know the foreman’s son closely, as Arad responds to this call as expected. They both kiss before they get to know each other more deeply. Dakota pulls Arad’s dick out and starts sucking. Arad returns the favor by rimming Dakota’s ass before pushing his large cock in Dakota’s ass. He fucks his colleague in several positions before leaving him covered in sweat and cum.

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