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Caught In The Act – Scene 1: Christopher Daniels & Tyler Griz

Raging Stallion

Secrets have their price and Christopher Daniels will realize it in the first episode of Titan Men’s “Caught In The Act”. He must pay through his ass if he wants Tyler Griz to keep his secret. Tyler is Christopher’s best friend and also his colleague in a major international company. The two are sent to a conference in Tokyo, where they share a hotel room. While Tyler is out of the room, Christopher decides to watch a gay porn movie and jerk off.

Christopher’s pretty heated when Tyler Griz suddenly comes back. “What are you doin’?” he asks. Christopher answers: “You wanna see what I was watching?” Tyler says he’s already seen what he needs. He’s offering a deal to his friend–if Christopher Daniels wants Tyler to keep his mouth shut, he has to open his hole for Tyler’s cock. There is no other way, and the truth is that Christopher has long anticipated something more than his best friend.

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