Hung Young Brit: Italian Fuck Party


The Big C Men

Naughty Hung Young Brit George Mason returns after a little trouble.

You may have already heard, but the owner of Hung Young Brit – George Mason had trouble with the British authorities after trying to make the most stupid thing – filming a porn movie on London subway train. In the video he and two other men are doing it surrounded by random people, traveling on the train. Of course, this is absolutely forbidden, so do not try to be like him, please! The next video is not a continuation of the one in question, nor the participants are the same!

Briefly. George just got home after a short stay in prison. Of course, for a real pig like him even 24 hours without sex are too long a time. So he checks his favorite app and finds an Italian couple who doesn’t mind shooting in his video. They are fans of Hung Young Brit, so George will be having sex while filming a new video for us. Great! Of course, things are never that simple. His guests are soon here, but instead of preparing for the session, George passionately drinks vodka after vodka.

Can you imagine? He missed half the show. In the end, he wakes up and goes to capture the other half. The two Italians have done it once, and they just started again. Cum is literally everywhere – scattered on the floor and furniture, so things were definitely serious. That’s not a problem, because these guys seem to have a lot of semen. During their second session they cum again and again.. It’s just amazing. In general, the session is very intense, so we can not tell you more. The Italians quickly pass from breeding to cum eating and blowjobs. If you’re a fan of Hung Young Brit, you definitely know what we’re talking about. So, just watch!

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