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Men At Play: Jean Franco Fucks Malek Tobias

Jean Franco and Malek Tomas fuck in formal wear!

Jean Franco and Malek Tobias are two businessmen who have a very good taste for fashion. Don’t miss to watch them fucking in formal outfits. Jean wears a dark gray jacket and trousers that perfectly fit his tan. A tie with stripes in blue and ocher complements his perfect appearance. Malek wears a dark blue jacket and gray pants. His ensemble is enriched with a dark yellow tie. These two really like to wear expensive clothes but they’re rich businessmen, so money is not a problem.

About the scene. Malek finishes some accounts for the bar but Jean disturbs him with his noisy game of the poker machine. Apparently the customer has no intention of being quieter, so Malek Tobias decides to tell him to behave more nicely. These words annoy the nervous man. Jean Franco tells Malek he’s going to show him what a good upbringing is now. Using brute force Jean dominates the man by forcing him to take his member in his mouth. Malek resist at first, but pretty soon he does it with obvious pleasure.

Then, Jean licks Malek’s trousers and sniffs his ass. Immediately afterwards he rips the trousers and starts rimming Malek’s ass. Once it’s nice, Jean roughly penetrates Malek and begins to fuck him through the ripped trousers. After very intense and rough fucking, Malek cums all over Jean’s shirt. Unfortunately, their costumes are worn out.

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