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Drew Dixon – Double Anal Session With Sly and Devon Lebron

Raging Stallion

Drew Dixon in an extreme double anal penetration by Tim Tales.

Drew Dixon chose a double anal session, just to to have fun between two fisting sessions. Sly and Devon Lebron tag team the horniest bottom. Have you wondered what Drew is doing while he is resting. Well, in fact, he does exactly the same, because he hardly satisfies his fist hungry anus. Being a professional fisting bottom is sometimes difficult. You are looking for bigger and bigger cocks, and even the largest one is ultimately too small for your huge hole. Well, Drew is very cute and extra cool so he has no problem finding the biggest dicks in the world. That’s why we like him so much – he would never give up a big cock in his ass … or 2 as it is in this case.

But how did these three studs met? Maybe you remember Drew’s previous double anal video. He really liked the feeling of having 2 big sticks in his ass. That’s why he’s organizing a meeting with the biggest ones – Sly and Devon Lebron. These two jocks have really unique, grandiose, hyper giant members, so they are like a dream come true for every experienced bottom. Do you imagine? Dicks larger than a giant fist enter the Drew’s rosebud simultaneously! This is something you should certainly not miss.

The scene starts with this giants, fucking Drew Dixon’s ass and mouth. Sly is plowing Drew’s bareback hole while Devon Lebron deep-throats the British star. They exchange their positions multiple times during the session until Drew’s takes their cocks at the same time. He lowers himself on the 2 dicks and rides them for a while. Devon then sits down on the sofa and Drew sticks his ass for the cock. But there’s room for another cock, so Sly penetrates Drew’s already cock filled anus. The best double anal session lately, as you’ll see.

Tim Tales
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