Vincent O’Reilly & Ian Holms At Disruptive Films

Vincent O’Reilly & Ian Holms At Disruptive Films

In this film from Disruptive Films, Marcus Cook (Ian Holmes) and Andy Stiller (Vincent O’Reilly) are two gay men who have been in a relationship for several years. Andy is openly gay, while Marcus has a double life. Although he is gay, he is married and his wife does not suspect that he is part of an unusual love triangle.

Andy has been in love with Marcus since the moment he saw him 4 years ago. He then joined Marcus’s team and is his subordinate. The two spend a lot of time together, have great sex, and everything is great, but Andy doesn’t feel comfortable keeping their relationship a secret and grows impatient for the moment when Marcus will muster up the courage to tell his wife the truth.

Will Marcus be afraid to take the important step in his life, or will he disappoint Andy and prefer to continue having a secret life? Let’s find out.

Vincent O'Reilly & Ian Holms At Disruptive Films

Disruptive Films

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