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TwinkLoads: Connor Taylor, Braden Rush Bottoms – Encounter 2

Muscle Bear Porn

Connor Taylor fucks daddy bottom, Braden Rush, once again in encounter 2 of their story for Twinkloads. Braden was a hot guy. In fact he was just my type. Late 40s, nicely tanned, great body. I could tell from the moment he walked through the door that he was very into me. He was already tenting his shorts by the time I left the room to give him some privacy while he got naked.

He was lying on his front on the massage table when I came back in so I started with the oils and gave him a gentle, sensual massage while getting to know his tight, muscular body. it felt great under my fingertips.

In no time at all, I’d dropped my shorts and he started sucking my dick nicely – slow and wet. Men that age always know exactly what they’re doing. It’s one of the reasons why I like them so much.

He got up and squatted on the table so I climbed up and began slowly pushing my big dick into his tight ass. It fit perfectly. Guys that age are always surprised when a youngster like me knows how to fuck and they’re usually pretty shocked by how big I feel inside them. He made some real sexy noises as I started to pound him which got me horned up and wanting more.

I pulled out as I got to the edge. I knew it was gonna be a big load and wanted to see it all over his back.

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