Palm Springs Day Pass: Nic Sahara Fucks Vincent OReilly


The Big C Men

This week on “Palm Springs Day Pass”, Vincent OReilly gets fucked bareback in a great summer scene by Hot House Entertainment. Nic is enjoying the sun at the pool of the motel when he comes across tattooed stud, Vincent. Nic wastes no time as he walks over to Vincent to feed the waiting stranger his swollen cock. Nic works rapid and straddles a lounge chair to face fuck Vincent deep and rough, gagging his mouth with his extra big cock.

Nic can’t get enough of the ripped hunk blowing his penis and bends Vincent over to investigate cross-check his hole. He slips his fingers into Vincent’s wide ass, teasing the stud except he is equipped to present Vincent anything more. Vincent braces himself on a palm tree as Nic slides his thick, bare dick deep into Vincent’s slick gap. Nic starts out sluggish, then picks up the pace as Vincent moans from the extraordinary bareback pounding that Nic is providing.

Vincent OReilly loves each inch of Nic inside him and moves to take a seat on Nic’s working cock. Vincent rides Nic Sahara, until both of then can keep off any more. Both hung studs spit their loads all over each other’s inked, sweaty bodies. Nic is not particularly, so he uses his own cum as a lube and fucks Vincent’s hole one last time.

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