Atlas Grant Massages Kyle Prince With His Raw Dick

Fratermity X

The guys from Breed Me Raw have two hairy, tattooed bears for you today – Atlas Grant and Kyle Prince. Their sensual massage shortly turns into a hard bareback fuck session. When you’re a big guy like Kyle Prince you have back issues that need a massage. Kyle enlists Atlas Grant to give him a nice massage realizing that he can’t pay for it. Midway through the massage Kyle illuminates Atlas he can’t pay so Atlas pushes his cock down his throat and discloses to him yes he will pay.

At the point when Atlas goes to fuck Kyle’s phat ass, Kyle demands he is protected just so reluctantly Atlas puts on the condom so he can get in and begin fucking Kyle’s deep hole yet following a couple of minutes of hard fucking the condom breaks and Kyle is confused that he is currently taking raw cock!

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