Leather Daddy Jack Dyer Barebacks Joel Someone


The Big C Men

We love daddies decked out in leather, and this one is really good. Jack Dyer destroys Joel Someone’s asshole in that hard fuck bareback scene. Daddy Jack is messy and vocal as he directions Joel to suck on his large, pierced dick. Joel doesn’t simply suck. He muffles and gags on Jack’s throbbing instrument with the vibe of a genuine pleasure. At the point when Jack is prepared, he props Joel up on each of the fours to eat his ass. Jack first finger fucks the bottom with his leather glove.

The unshaven bottom moans out, while daddy Jack is rimming him, as Jack’s dirty talk will make you horny, as it did Joel. Jack knows how to plow a hole, and plainly hits the spot, however here and there the fucker needs to get fucked. Daddy offers up his ass for Joel to eat and stuff. Joel slips his hard cock in the hairy ass in front of him and fucks Jack for a while, before he bottoms for the leather daddy once again.

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