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After Hours – Scene 1: George Ce & Felix Barca

Raging Stallion

In a capacity distribution center, inked hunk George Ce peers over his stepping stool to Felix Barca. Felix flashes a grin, drawing his admirer closer. George holds Felix by the back of the neck, pulling him in for a kiss before driving him down. George whips out his whole monster, Felix opening wide to swallow it up. George directs Felix’s head down on his cock, making him wheeze for air. George over and again inclines down for a kiss, on the other hand fucking his face.

With his bristly muscle body filling the screen, Felix then gets his huge dick profound throated before he twists around as George eats him out—whiskers scruff scouring against his ass. George granulates his dick on Felix’s cheeks, at that point grasps the base’s abdomen as he fucks him profound. Felix curves back for a kiss, at that point plunks down on George before jumping on his back. George puts his huge hand on Felix’s stomach as he fucks him, at that point gets the base’s pec as he crushes in balls profound—the two before long squirting.

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