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Stud Farm – Gay Cowboy Sex

Muscle Bear Porn

Welcome to Stud Farm where gay cowboys have sex. Raising horses is a man’s work. And a man’s work makes a man wanna play. Play hard. So the seven unshaven, hairy, hard muscled men working at the Stud Farm don’t go in for any pussyfooting when they horse around with each other. They just saddle up and ride. Sure, the younger dudes need to be shown the ropes. Ranch hands Hans Ebson and Owen Hawke (the randy junior exec of Service Trade) buck under the nasty butt plunging of foreman Michael Ray, who’s got some unexpected farming tools — a leather thong ties off Owen’s nuts tight enough to bust, and a fat dildo plows his hairy-cracked asshole.

Stud Farm - Gay Cowboy Sex

Stud Farm - Gay Cowboy Sex 1

Stud Farm - Gay Cowboy Sex 2

Stud Farm - Gay Cowboy Sex 3

Stud Farm - Gay Cowboy Sex 4

Stud Farm - Gay Cowboy Sex 5

And that’s not livestock tethered in the horse trailer, but rosy faced, white-cheeked Clay Foxe, a wild boy straining at the bit to be broken in by rough ‘n raunchy Steven Richards. Hard-bodied beauty Ben Jakks plows the sweet ‘n furry ass of Brock Powell. And then the bulls arrive. Your fingers don’t meet when ya wrap ’em round the cum-dripping horse cocks of Michael Ray and Ray Stone. And your mind boggles at the punishing give and take of their flip-flop fucking. So that ain’t just horses you’re smellin’. It’s the steamy stink of man sweat, cum, and asses singed by the heaviest, hottest, muscular rump-riding of Stud Farm.

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