Fratermity X

Titan Men Presents: Sex In The City


Do you remember the cult series, “Sex and the city?” Well, at the same time as the series is at its peak and millions of people all over the world are talking about it, Titan Men decide to recreate the movie in a gay porn variant. In Sex in the City, hot LA pornography star Matt Bradshaw and his three hunky companions are searching for adoration in all the wrong holes as they relate their Valentine’s Day sexploitations.

Hunky leather stud York Powers goes through the day in a basement fucking hard-bodied Mark Reed until both folks are drenched in cum and sweat. Attractive muscle stud Eric Hanson spends a sentimental night slamming his bulky Italian sweetheart Mauro Pelle’s solid butt until the darlings have showered their spooge all over their bed. What’s more, Bradshaw gets his buddy Matt Majors with his dick down another person’s throat, yet all is excused and Majors cheerfully furrows Bradshaw’s delicious ass.

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