The Hung Young Brit Fucks Sexy Model

The Hung Young Brit Fucks Sexy Model

George, the Hung Young Brit is here with his latest power session. He breeds a sexy model long and hard. Here’s George’s original post:

I REALLY fancy Jake!
Jake is proper 🔥 – VERY VERY funny – always laughing and up 4 a good time
Your going to love him
His very us! I think we found a really lovely guy here- his def one of the gang
Im praying his not a nutter or weirdo because his well fit ❗
We had just walked into the flat – I was telling him everything I wanna do to him
We couldn’t even wait to get each others clothes off
I spit on my dick and stick it up his arse – im only fucking him for like 4 mins and then I feel myself about to spunk it, so I quickly pull it out so you can see👀 my cum then push it back in as my dick is pumping 🆙 into his ass
🇬🇧This is not what I had planned for him – we just got too carried away – all 100% REAL – No Acting, No Fake Bullshit –
✔️ Yes He’s gaffe taped to our wall
✔️ Yes we get a Fit stranger round to BB fuck him anonymously (quite sexy lad tbf)
✔️ Yes we cum 4 times up him
✔️Yes I accidentally fucked him on my floor and spunked up him before we even started and filmed it 4 you

💥Do you recognise him? His the ‘private shag’ that wanted to be in films, than didn’t, then did again .lol
I go fetch him from the station 🚞cos his TERRIBLE with directions -like really bad.
I film 📹 him walking to our flat because I want you to see what a right trackie waring Chav lad he is.
This is actually who he is and how he dresses normally
Born on a council estate as well – his so fucking sexy man – absolutely perfect
❌And he saids NO to CONDOMS❌ (we love that)
❗ Gaffa taped up to a wall so he can’t move ❗ – I pull his tracksuit down and have a right go RAW on his arse
😈 BUT Also This time I gotta surprise for him – a hung northern lad HAHA😈 The ‘FIT AS’ horny lad shags him against the wall
Me and my fit scally mate take turns having a fuck in his arse- one after another Proper tag team job
🦒Then that boy grabs him, bends him over the bed with his arse hanging off and 🅱️🅱️ fucks him on the edge of the bed whilst cumming in him!!!
With his NIke TN’S 👟hanging of the side. AAARRR Its SO HOT – This Lovely bottom boy is up 4 ANYTHING! 💜 it
Its not over yet…… We take Jake and put him on all 4’s
And in front of a huge mirror, Poke his arse with our cocks.
👀WOW you gotta see this – it looks fucking wicked👀
😍 Its REALLY fucking hot – little Joshy was filming it all for us…
Then ….after that Northern lad had spunked his load and left – I carry on Barebacking him…. ITS SO PERFECT – his riding my dick, getting me closer and closer and then I put him on his side and slide my dick in and our – getting quicker and quicker until I fucking blow my CUM all over his arse cheeks, all over his bum hole and finally ram my spunky cock up his arse🥵….I could cum up him all day man…
Pls 100% Watch this vid guys!
Its VERY long and absolutely jam packed with Action – like 4 vids in 1 really
xx George

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