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Sands Of Time: Zario Travezz barebacks Casey Everett

Raging Stallion

“Sands Of Time” is the latest and hottest production of the popular model and director Dominic Pacifico. Scene 1 features Zario Travezz and Casey Everett. The end of the story is clear – Zario rims and fucks Casey’s bareback hole.. but hole it starts? The year is 2049. Climate change is destroyed the Earth, and all women are extinct. There are only men left on the planet who have long since become homosexuals. Most people live in camps, but there are those like Casey who have chosen a cloistered lifestyle.

In conditions of extreme heat and drought, hermits survive hard. When Casey exhausts his last stocks of water and food, the only way to survive is to join one of the camps. He is heading for a long way towards the cherished goal, but on the middle of the road he falls into a state of complete collapse, completely exhausted and dehydrated. Two members of the nearest camp find him and rescue him. Now Casey has no other choice – he will have to be fucked regularly to survive.

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