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Seth Santoro Fucks The Swollen Cunt Of Armond Rizzo

Raging Stallion

There’s something about Armond Rizzo that we’ve always adored. From his first attempts as a fisting bottom, he quickly shaped the perfect hole – a massive, swollen, ruined male cunt. This swollen anus has become Armond’s trademark, so we are really excited that he is back, with this big hole, ready to be firmly used by Seth Santoro. Dominic Pacifico tells us more about the scene.

Actually, it wasn’t planned. We filmed a basketball game for a completely different production, but after that tiring day, these two needed special relaxation, so I switched the camera on and asked them to start.

Armond takes Seth’s member down his throat. It’s amazing, this short man has such a deep throat. With more effort, he could even swallow Seth’s balls. After the blowjobs, let’s continue with the object of our desire, it seems that Seth adores it too. He spends so much time licking and sucking Armond’s man pussy. In fact it is so good that even the next part, when Seth is fucking Armond could not surpass that part with the rimming.

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