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Sands Of Time: Zario Travezz and Julian Grey

Raging Stallion

This week, Dominic Pacifico’s postapocalyptic story “Sands of Time” features Zario Travezz and muscled model Julian Grey who fucks Zario, bareback. Surviving without water and food is an attainable goal, but only for a short time. Zario does not want to become part of the gay zombie clan of Julian and does his best to live with negligible supplies of essentials. But nothing is endless and after 3 days of terrible thirst, Zario decides to surrender.

Becoming part of Julian Grey’s gay clan is not as easy as it seems. In fact, many men fail to reach the covenant camp because Julian disapproves of them. Zario Travezz will do whatever it takes to show that he is ready to serve Julian forever. Let’s move on to the casting that has just begun. Zario is not experienced in sucking on dicks, but he seems to be really good at it. Julian gasps in pleasure as Zario deals with his hard cock. But the serious test is still to come.

Julian orders Zario to get on all fours. Julian stands behind Zario and proceeds rimming. Gradually, the hole of Zario opens to the right size for fucking. Julian shoves his big member inside that ass and starts raw fucking. Is the casting successful for Zario? Let’s check it out.

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