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John Thomas Gets Barebacked By Ethan Metz

Raging Stallion

John Thomas had a pretty heated session the night before. Remember how his hole was used by Tim Kruger? It’s Ethan Metz’s turn to do the same. John’s ass is still sore, but it doesn’t matter because this morning John is ready for more action, and it looks like someone is ready to take care of it. John wakes up and goes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, but there he meets Ethan. It looks like John is going to have a huge sausage and cream this morning.

John just drops to his knees and the breakfast begins. He loves big sausages and it seems that this one is extremely tasty because John spends a lot of time sucking. But John wants cream too, so Ethan stands behind him and pushes his big, raw cock balls deep inside John’s gape. After fucking him in different positions, Ethan feeds John fresh cream.

Tim Tales
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