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Late Night Breeding: Dan and Evan Knox

Muscle Bear Porn

Dan and Evan Knox get together for late-night breeding in this video by Guys In Sweatpants. Austin Wilde explains: I got back to the hotel with Evan and Dan pretty late and heard them messing around in the bathroom so I grabbed my camera and asked if I could film them. It was just us, a bottle of lube, some bondage tape, and some nuts that needed releasing. We’ve watched these boys have hot sex before, but y’all are in for a treat this time– Evan is bottoming for the first time on the site!

The boy can lay some pipe but can take it just as well, and it’s hot AF. Whether he’s riding Dan’s cock, taking it missionary, or face down ass up with his hands tied behind his back, he has an out of body experience with every deep thrust from his man. This hot, passionate sex ends with Dan pumping his load deep into Evan and then Evan blowing his load all over his abs. Two hot boys who get to go to bed freshly drained and happy!

Guys In Sweatpants
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