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Jack Bailey & Lance Charger Have Raw Sex for Gaycest

Muscle Bear Porn

Gaycest’s favorite Jack Bailey & Lance Charger get together again. Jack stepped into Lance’s office, seeing the handsome man behind his desk, dressed in a perfectly tailored suit and looking like a total boss. Jack blushed, trying not to embarrass himself, but all Lance could do was look at him and gush. Lance walked Jack through some simple interview etiquette things such as proper eye contact, a confident handshake, and being intimately familiar with his resume should any questions arise. Lance stood up and came in close to correct his accessory, standing mere inches away from the young man who bred him not long before.

Lance could feel Jack getting aroused. Not only was his breathing changing, but a noticeable rise in his pants resulted from the correction of his tie. “What’s that about?” Lance asked playfully. Jack said he was just nervous. Lance smiled. “Well, if this happens when you’re nervous, we’ll have to take care of it before your interview…” Lance dropped to his knees, pulling out the boy’s cock, feeling it surge with youthful desire in his grip. Jack looked down as the handsome, powerful, successful older man devoured his cock.

Jack began to unbutton Lance’s shirt, taking off his jacket and pulling off his belt. As he stripped away the fine clothing, he revealed the beautiful, muscular frame of the older man, covered in silver hair, tanned skin, and bold tattoos that made him look superhuman. Lance felt an immense sense of pride in his grandson. He loved him no matter what, but feeling his soft lips wrapped around his tool was a pleasure unlike anything else. He would do anything for him. But as Jack got him harder and harder, he knew the inevitable was coming. Right then and there, in his office, He was going to have to breed him…

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