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Haulin’ Ass: Ricky Larkin Fucks Drake Masters

Fratermity X

It’s time for the last scene from Raging Stallion’s latest gay porn hit “Haulin’ Ass”. Hairy porn stars Ricky Larkin and Drake Masters suck and lick each other, before Ricky shoves his big cock inside Drake and fucks the cum out of him. Drake is hitchhiking on a lonely stretch of barren region freeway when Ricky Larkin pulls over to select him up. Ricky is towing a camper and before they go on their approach, Ricky suggests they spend a while inside. Drake loves the inspiration, and the two head into the camper where Drake’s eager mouth right away wraps round Ricky’s swollen penis.

Drake Masters’ proficient mouth feels powerful wrapped round Ricky’s meat and it gets Ricky Larkin able for more. Savoring each inch of Drake’s furry hole, Ricky makes sure to open him up earlier than he plunges his monster cock into the stud’s tight ass. Ricky goes wild fucking Drake as tough as he can, however Ricky has extra journey deliberate, and the two studs pause the fucking to get back on the street.

After a drive, the two pull right into a relaxation discontinue where Ricky Larkin fucks Drake Masters’ throat by the urinals. When Ricky is just right to move again, he bends Drake over and slams his cock deep into Drake’s good-worn hole one last time. Ricky fucks difficult and speedy as his balls slap towards Drake’s taint making Drake moan out with each and every frenzied thrust from the stud. Drake’s hole feels potent and eventually Ricky can’t hold off any more. He rips his cock out of Drake’s ass and frantically blasts his load far and wide Drake’s beard and into his mouth. Drake laps up every last drop earlier than he dumps his jizz all over the place the general public restroom ground.

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