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Caught In The Act – Scene 3: Jessy Ares & Jesse Jackman

Raging Stallion

Jessy Ares & Jesse Jackman put the end of TitanMen’s series “Caught In The Act”. This is one of the few scenes where we can see Jesse as the bottom. Jesse plays the role of a secret soldier, sent on a mission to Latin America. When he is caught in the act by the local officer Ares, the American uniformed man will experience a surprisingly enjoyable adventure. What must be torture to force Jesse to tell the truth about his mission, actually turns out to be the best thing in his life.

Jessy tells the soldier that if he wants to save his ass, he has to say everything. Jesse, however, is adamant and his tormenter forces him to suck his dick. Jesse is not particularly happy to do it, but once he starts, he decides that the taste of the cock is actually pretty good. After Jessy Ares realizes that Jesse Jackman won’t tell the truth, he decides to do what he threatened the soldier with at the beginning – to fuck his cock virgin ass.

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