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3 Hung Tradies Get Filthy In Manchester – Raw Road Nation

Muscle Bear Porn

Ah, Manchester Pride… It’s one of the world’s biggest celebrations of LGBTQ+ life, and over a fun-packed August Bank Holiday weekend there are parties, equality marches, candle-lit vigils, and loads more. But……… do you wanna know why I love Manchester Pride so much? Because the streets, bars, and clubs are rammed full of up for its blokes and I’m guaranteed to bag myself plenty of Mancunian cock! So as you know, I’m constantly horny and always on the lookout for fit geezers to give my seed to, and this morning was no exception.

So I parked the Raw Road Nation Fuck Truck out of the way in the back of a car park, put my feet up on the dashboard, and started checking out the local talent on Grindr. I didn’t have to wait long before a couple of workmen, Alex Cavill and Jack Parker, strolled out of a site from across the road. I opened the window and invited them to join me in the back of the truck with a smirk on my face.

I hoped that if I got them on their own alone I might be able to have my wicked way with them, but I didn’t realize just how easy it was gonna be! By the time I threw the blinds up over the windows these two horny tradies had already stripped out of their high viz jackets and dirty overalls and were both stark bollock naked and servicing each other’s rock hard cocks.

Watching Alex destroy Jack’s milky white hole with his thick, dark coke can of a cock got my own thick veiny piece of meat rock hard and the thought of sliding it up Jack’s used cum-gagging hole was too much. So quicker than you can say “Milk and two sugars” I got naked and joined the lads for what turned out to be one of the horniest starts to Manchester Pride I’ve had in a long time!

Raw Road Nation

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