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Titan Men – Men’s Room: Bakersfield Station

Muscle Bear Porn

The Director’s Cut features additional content, including watersports footage. Men’s Room: Bakersfield Station is a sordid all-sex fetish odyssey of bathroom blowjobs, urine showers and rear-entry slurps & plunges, populated by rugged blue-collar man-hunks and pretty preppy-boy nerd-punks, all wielding big juicy cocks that effuse (in the Director’s Cut) gushing spurts of splashy piss and creamy cum all over the fucking place. Be sure to wear your galoshes. Next time you’re hanging out at the depot, check out the men’s room, where hot daddies and cute twinks feeling the urge to surge go to unload. Even the security guard gets in on the action. With merely a thigh-high tile partition between fixtures, everyone in the john can cop a good view of everyone’s trickling and stiffening John-Thomas.

In this marathon latrine run (we’re talking a whopping three hours here!), you’ll find lots of cock-suckery (especially as performed by zealous dick-gobbler Danny Vox) hearty ass-buggery (cute nerdy twink Abram Rodriguez gets ass-pounded up against the shoe-shine chair; later, brave Danny gets double-stuffed with two cocks); considerable pucker-hole chewing, with the chewee propped up on the partition such that the chewer can feast on hair-hole while sitting on the commode wanking off (my personal favorite image); and in the Director’s Cut, a veritable downpour of spritzing and peeing and dousing and showering in which just about everyone gets soaked.

And after the golden showers subside, thick white torrents of hot dude chowder shoot and ooze all over. For the most part, production values are up to Titan’s usual standards, with basically crisp (though somewhat uninspired this go-round) camerawork, nice cinematic lighting and a decent music score. I’m not a big fan of the slo-mo cumshot technique, however; that there are far too many herein causes me some dismay. Even if you’re not as partial to the golden drizzle as these moistened piggies clearly are, there are plenty of delicious man-sized cum-spewing cocks to nuzzle up to after the rain.

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