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Slamrush Presents: Double Dose Dump

Muscle Bear Porn

Sometimes one dose of cum is not enough. In fact, a double dose is always better and the producer of Slamrush knows it. Here’s what he shared with us: I’ve had this bottom bitch Hunter here for a while now. He’s been asking to go home since the day he got here. Once we get him cloudy though he forgets all about home and gets lost in dick. That’s when the little bitch gets slammed the hardest and my guys stretch his holes out to the max.

He’s been begging to go home lately but what he doesn’t understand is the more he begs… the more my guys will pound his ass. His whining got annoying, so my guys had to give him a triple dose of dick, 2 in his ass and 1 in his mouth. That should shut him the fuck up.

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