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Ridick Bottoms For An Anonymous Guy

Muscle Bear Porn

I don’t think this man has stopped cheating on my sister and has definitely ridden dicks and dildos every day. I fucking love the way my big dick looks in gray sweatpants! Freeballing with no boxers is the only way to do it. But I keep getting so fucking hard all the time, which seems to always get me caught. Sometimes, that’s not such a bad thing.

My buddy Jeremy recently told me how he fucked around with my sister’s boyfriend. He’s a german stud by the name of Ridick, who’s currently in the house and he’s bound to come downstairs any minute. I think it’s high time he gets confronted about cheating on my sister. Besides, I can use this info to my advantage and get my dick sucked– or more! I can keep a secret if he can.

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