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Outta The Park! – Ricky Larkin Plows Lucas Leon

Raging Stallion

Ricky Larkin realizes all his dreams with the boy behind the hot dog stand, Lucas Leon in this episode of Raging Stallion’s “Outta The Park!”. From foot fetish to bareback breeding, Ricky’s dream comes true with Lucas. Ricky plays the role of a popular baseball player. Lucas sells fast food at the stadium, but the real reason he is there is that he is in love with Ricky, and this job gives him the opportunity to be close to his favorite athlete.

In the world of gay porn, coincidences are always “completely random”, so we won’t tell you that Ricky actually shares the seller’s feelings. So, in the middle of the stadium, they start their wide copulation. Lucas licks and sucks Ricky’s dick until it’s extremely hard. Then, Ricky Larkin licks his new friend’s feet & ass. Eventually, Ricky Slides his swollen member balls deep inside Lucas Leon and fucks the cum out of him.

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