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Manscent: Logan Stevens, Brian Bonds, and Drake Masters

Are you ready for “Manscent”? “Manscent” is the latest movie from Raging Stallion‘s fetish line. Don’t miss Logan Stevens, Brian Bonds, and Drake Masters in this first episode of the series. Smelly armpits, sweat, hairy butts, leather, and bareback action… it sounds so promising. Actually, it’s better than anything other lately. The story takes place inside a gay fetish bar, somewhere in America. Drake Masters enters the club and notices two hard cocks put in two anonymous glory holes.

Tattooed Drake sucks both of them, before Brian Bonds and Logan Stevens appear. They face fuck Drake and lick his armpits and ass. Logan is first to fuck Drake. He does it for a while before Brian replaces him. Next, Logan decides to bottom and takes Drake’s cock up his ass. Brian stands behind Drake and slips his dick into his hairy ass. Drake is in the middle of this sandwich – he fucks and gets fucked at the same time. That’s why he cums first – deep inside Logan’s ass. The second is Logan. Brian finishes the scene by cumming all over Drake’s back.

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