Diary Of A Sex Addict: Devin Franco – Double Anal

Fratermity X

Every good thing ends eventually. It’s time for the grand finale of Falcon studios’ best production in decades – Diary Of a Sex Addict. Devin Franco is a real institution in gay porn movies, so his appearance is a guarantee that the finale will be really amazing. We can tell you a little secret, this scene is inspired by the real life of Devin, so he stands exceptionally well in his role.

Briefly about the scenario. After another disgusting day at work, Devin decides to visit his favorite sex club and do what he adores – he provides his ass to be used by anyone who pleases. Here appear Colton Reece and Christian Finch. The two men take turns face fucking Devin before Colton shoves his giant cock into Devin’s hole. Very soon Christian also slides his cock inside Devin, as the two tops begin to double fuck Devin’s backdoor.

Falcon Studios
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