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Brogan Reed Breeds Greg – Raw Fuck Boys

Muscle Bear Porn

Greg and Brogan Reed meet in a hotel room in Denver. The chemistry is intense. Greg flings Brogan onto the bed, and throws himself on top of him, hungrily rocking and grinding himself over Brogan’s beautifully-sculpted body. The two men kiss like sex-starved animals. Itching for each other, they breathe and gyrate in total unison. Greg delivers a talented blow job. Brogan gasps and swears in pure ecstasy. Brogan gets on all fours so Greg can get his tongue between his smooth, muscular ass cheeks. It’s a surprise when Brogan decides to flip Greg.

The action is fast and intense. Greg gasps, yells and grits his teeth as his hole is brutally torn apart. Brogan smiles wickedly at the prospect of going even harder. Greg is thrown all over the bed with every thrust. It’s Greg’s turn to flip now. Brogan turns and squats on the bed while Greg’s impressive shaft slowly works its way into Brogan’s super-tight ass. Greg crawls onto Brogan’s back, unable to settle on one position, thrusting wildly and obsessively jamming himself into Brogan, who’s now powerless to do anything but gasp.

Greg pulls out of Brogan and sprays his immense load all over Brogan’s crack and ass cheeks before pushing himself back inside. Brogan’s not done though, so he pushes the spent Greg onto all fours and starts to pulverize him! He pulls out and blasts jets of watery cum across Greg’s smooth back.

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