Breed and Cum: Pierce Paris and Alex Mecum


The Big C Men

Pierce Paris and Alex Mecum are invited by Dominic Pacifico to visit his summer house on the ocean shore, where to star in his latest production “Breed and Cum”. The pleasant breeze from the sea, these naked, muscular bodies, the scene will be very, very good. Pierce and Alex sit on the couch and start talking about their preferences. Pierce says he would prefer to be the bottom, but it seems that Alex wants the same, so in the end they decide to make it enjoyable for both of them, by fucking each other.

Pierce Paris and Alex Mecum start by mutual exchange of blowjobs. Pierce sucks on Alex’s dick, then Alex does the same for his fuck buddy. After that, Alex spreads his legs wide and tells Pierce to tongue fuck him. Pierce obliges, rimming and licking Alex’s ass. Then, he penetrates Alex from behind and starts bareback fucking. 20 minutes later they flip, as Pierce lowers himself over Alex’s raw prick. It takes some time and it seems that they are very close to the finish. Pierce erupts with a huge cum fountain, and meanwhile Alex spits his load inside Paris.

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