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Big Dick Revolution: Damien Stone and Adam Herst

Damien Stone and Adam Herst try to warm themselves up over aburning fire. Looking at his chilled companion, a concerned and hornyDamien tells Adam he knows what’ll heat them up quicker. The twomen are quickly locked in each other’s arms, kissing and groping andraising their body temperature so much that they’re soon sheddingtheir clothes. Damien nurses on Adam’s big long dick, feeling it swellup even larger with every slurp. Then to generate more heat, he tendsto Adam’s asshole, warming the pucker with hot tongue licks. Bothmen are soon overwhelmed with fiery intensity, moving Damien toslam his engorged cock up Adam’s manhole. They fuck recklessly innumerous positions totally locked and loaded with Damien churning inand out of his buddy’s ass. Adam, pale and flush with excitement,throttles his cock, squeezing it tightly until he busts his nut; andDamien pulls out and blasts his load all over his exhausted andsatisfied friend.

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Big Dick Revolution

Big Dick Revolution

Big Dick Revolution

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