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Bearback: Michael Roman Gets Barebacked By Julian Torres

Michael Roman and Julian Torres aren’t the typical gay bears, especially Michael, who is definitely so beefy. But Julian is extra hairy so he successfully compensates that lack of bears. About the video – it’s probably the best of Bearback so far. It includes blowjobs, rimming, and bareback fucking, of course.


Julian Torres and Michael Roman are lying in bed wearing matching shorts and cuddling with each other. Julian is questioning Michael as to why he shaved off his body fur. Michael tells him because it is summer and he has been hot, plus the work he has been doing at the gym he wants to see his definition. Julian is sad to see Michael’s fur gone and asks if he should shave off his and Michael says NO! With that, he starts stroking Julian’s furry chest and smelling his man scent as they make out with each other. Michael works his way down to Julian’s hard cock inside his shorts and sucks it through them before pulling it out and sucking his cock deep down his throat. Julian then positions himself on the side of the bed and feeds his hairy cock to Michael and they then move into a 69. Julian then rims Michael’s ass and then fucks him deep and hard from behind. Michael moans and exclaims that he loves feeling Julian’s hairy balls slapping against him. Michael then rides Julian’s cock for a while before lying on his back and Julian fucks him deep with his cock. Michael explodes with cum and then Julian cums right after him.


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