After Hours – Scene 3: Kieron Ryan and Adam Russo

Fratermity X

Skinhead Adam Russo needs to go out for a beverage and get laid. “I don’t think we have to leave for that,” says partner Kieron Ryan, inspiring a grin from Adam—who moves in to kiss the tall muscle dude. Kieron is soon adoring Adam’s huge cock: “Play with those balls! Force them down!” requests the undeniably verbal Adam. “Suck that dick! Right down on it!” The muscular skinhead slides his fingers inside Kieron’s mouth, inclining down to spit in it before kissing him.

Adam finger fucks Kieron’s mouth before utilizing his cock once more, a colossal wad of spit interfacing the sucker’s muddled mouth and Adam’s steel shaft. Adam at that point causes Kieron’s enormous dick to vanish in his mouth before tonguing, fingering and fucking his hole. Kieron gets it doggie style before jumping on his back, Adam snorting like a creature as he pounds inside. Kieron plunks down on the top, Adam grinning as his eyes move up in his mind. Kieron shoots a major stream as he rides, at that point slaps Adam’s balls as the top groans like a lunatic while cumming.

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