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Abel and Tim Kruger Double Fuck John Thomas

Raging Stallion

John Thomas proves himself as the best bottom in this part of the Universe in this video by Tim Tales. He gets double fucked by Tim Kruger and Abel, both of them with massive, enormous dicks… So these two dicks in one ass, it’s more than a challenge. Well, after John’s first fisting, this video doesn’t seem so shocking.

Surely you will be surprised, but the original plan for this video is too different. Abel has to fuck John and this is the final version. Nothing special. Abel is plowing John Thomas when Tim Kruger decides to join. He adds his own cock to Abel’s one and the two tops fuck John double. It’s not part of the script, on the contrary, it’s a makeshift moment. Call it gossips, but it looks like Tim is jealous of John. Are they already a couple?!

Tim Tales
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